About You

People come in to therapy for all kinds of reasons, some with a definite issue or problem, (such as life crises, difficulties with relationships, wprk problems, anxiety, depression – to name just a few) others come for quite vague reasons and some with wider concerns such as their feelings about themselves and others, and there are those who are questioning the meaning of their life and where it is going.  The fact that you are reading this suggests you are probably already having thoughts about your own reasons.  Whatever these are there are as many ways of thinking about ourselves as there are people.

In view of the above, my approach is to put you the person first, within the context of the issues you speak of and your life. Whilst we can say all kinds of things about therapy, in the end every individual is different, and so the best way to explore your needs is to come and meet me.

Starting in therapy is a major decision for many people involving both financial and time commitments, but it could also be seen as an investment in your future, and looking for a therapist means that a decision has, in some way, already been made.  Whilst there are no set rules about the length of time we may meet, this work may include short terms counselling of 6-12 sessions. Longer term psychotherapy is also available for those who wish to take their explorations of themselves further, again depending on individual needs.