About Therapy

IMG_0209.jpgWorking together

Our work together would begin with an initial meeting to explore your needs and expectations as well as how we work together.  I very much hope that therapy will give you the space to think about yourself and your life in new and creative ways, gaining different perspectives on old and more recent difficulties.

The space of therapy is open to all aspects of our experience as human beings and I see my work as a therapist is to help you make sense of these experiences so that you can feel more freed up.



Counselling and Psychotherapy

One way of viewing the difference between counselling and psychotherapy is that counselling is sometimes considered a shorter term process and at times has a specific focus, whereas psychotherapy could be seen as enabling you to explore the underlying patterns of relating that you have developed and the implications of the ways in which these recur in your current life and relationships.  However there can also be an overlap and natural progression between them.